Red was the colour of the day as children celebrated Red Nose Day by dressing up and wearing red noses.  A total sum of £139.27 was raised.  Thank you to everyone.


In response to Moss and Trish visiting our school weekly listen to children read,  we held a sponsored silence and cake sale in aid of Hearing Dogs for the Deaf.  The children dressed up as a variety of dogs, even bringing in their own fluffy dogs and so many cakes were donated.  The final sum collected was a fantastic £1142.16.  Many, many thanks  to everyone.
Varley, please see general events page, a hearing dog, visited our school with his owner Ann Jillings to inform  pupils of all the good work he and other trained dogs do to support deaf people.  Anne, who has a 13 year old deaf son Daniel, couldn't praise Varley enough and through a power-point Daniel said having Varley had changed his life.

Our school recently raised the fantastic amount of  £1142.16, which we have chosen to sponsor the training of a black Labrador called Chrissie to become a hearing dog for the deaf.

Thank you everyone for your generosity.