Ormesby Village Junior School

We aim to have letters emailed direct to your inbox, starting sometime during the 2017/18 academic year.

Please make sure the school has your current email address.

The letters will also be available here.

If you require a paper copy, then it can be collected from the school office.

2017/18 Year Letters 

Letter Encompass 2017.pdf Letter Encompass 2017.pdf
Size : 205.42 Kb
Type : pdf
Newsletter 26.9.17.pdf Newsletter 26.9.17.pdf
Size : 205.024 Kb
Type : pdf
Letter Attendance Sep 2017.pdf Letter Attendance Sep 2017.pdf
Size : 286.822 Kb
Type : pdf
Letter behaviour 13.9.17.pdf Letter behaviour 13.9.17.pdf
Size : 249.801 Kb
Type : pdf
newsletter 8.9.17 junior.pdf newsletter 8.9.17 junior.pdf
Size : 178.729 Kb
Type : pdf

School Meals 

Size : 1108.079 Kb
Type : pdf
Norse Winter Packed Lunch Menu.jpg Norse Winter Packed Lunch Menu.jpg
Size : 2010.098 Kb
Type : jpg
birthday lunch.pdf birthday lunch.pdf
Size : 285.363 Kb
Type : pdf

School Forms 

OVJS Absence Request Form.pdf OVJS Absence Request Form.pdf
Size : 152.458 Kb
Type : pdf
OVJS Administration of Medicines Form.pdf OVJS Administration of Medicines Form.pdf
Size : 198.687 Kb
Type : pdf
OVJS Asthma Form.pdf OVJS Asthma Form.pdf
Size : 288.146 Kb
Type : pdf
Performance Updates
Moving Forward-StandardsUpdate.pdf Moving Forward-StandardsUpdate.pdf
Size : 2966.491 Kb
Type : pdf
Letter Ofsted 2016.pdf Letter Ofsted 2016.pdf
Size : 233.834 Kb
Type : pdf