Ormesby Village Junior School

Letters will be emailed direct to your inbox.

Please make sure the school has your current email address.

The letters will also be available here.

If you require a paper copy, then it can be collected from the school office.

2019/2020 Letters

Valentine Disco.pdf Valentine Disco.pdf
Size : 85.119 Kb
Type : pdf
newsletter 15.1.20.pdf newsletter 15.1.20.pdf
Size : 208.856 Kb
Type : pdf
newsletter 4.12.19.pdf newsletter 4.12.19.pdf
Size : 223.197 Kb
Type : pdf
newsletter 5.11.19.pdf newsletter 5.11.19.pdf
Size : 222.642 Kb
Type : pdf
Letter photos harvest 1.10.19.pdf Letter photos harvest 1.10.19.pdf
Size : 143.162 Kb
Type : pdf
Village Walks 2019-20.doc Village Walks 2019-20.doc
Size : 35 Kb
Type : doc
Attendance letter-Jnr 2019-2020.pdf Attendance letter-Jnr 2019-2020.pdf
Size : 650.771 Kb
Type : pdf
Newsletter 10.9.19.pdf Newsletter 10.9.19.pdf
Size : 269.034 Kb
Type : pdf
Letter Encompass 2017.pdf Letter Encompass 2017.pdf
Size : 205.42 Kb
Type : pdf

School Meals 

jacket potato menu.pdf jacket potato menu.pdf
Size : 549.155 Kb
Type : pdf
packed lunch menu.pdf packed lunch menu.pdf
Size : 499.396 Kb
Type : pdf
Birthday Lunch letter2.pdf Birthday Lunch letter2.pdf
Size : 213.536 Kb
Type : pdf

School Forms 

2.AFSC Book form2019-20 Autumn 2nd Jnr.pdf 2.AFSC Book form2019-20 Autumn 2nd Jnr.pdf
Size : 173.799 Kb
Type : pdf
OVJS Absence Request Form.pdf OVJS Absence Request Form.pdf
Size : 152.458 Kb
Type : pdf
OVJS Administration of Medicines Form.pdf OVJS Administration of Medicines Form.pdf
Size : 198.687 Kb
Type : pdf
OVJS Asthma Form.pdf OVJS Asthma Form.pdf
Size : 288.146 Kb
Type : pdf
Performance Updates
Moving Forward-StandardsUpdate.pdf Moving Forward-StandardsUpdate.pdf
Size : 2966.491 Kb
Type : pdf
Letter Ofsted 2016.pdf Letter Ofsted 2016.pdf
Size : 233.834 Kb
Type : pdf