Letters will be emailed direct to your inbox.

Please make sure the school has your current email address.

The letters will also be available here.

If you require a paper copy, then it can be collected from the school office.

2020/2021 Letters

Flu Immunisation letter.docx Flu Immunisation letter.docx
Size : 135.446 Kb
Type : docx
Letter junior 15.9.20 C.pdf Letter junior 15.9.20 C.pdf
Size : 338.723 Kb
Type : pdf
letter attendance September 2020.pdf letter attendance September 2020.pdf
Size : 405.445 Kb
Type : pdf
Letter junior 3.9.20.pdf Letter junior 3.9.20.pdf
Size : 460.858 Kb
Type : pdf
Letter Jnr 21.07.2020.pdf Letter Jnr 21.07.2020.pdf
Size : 321.32 Kb
Type : pdf
Letter junior 20.7.20.pdf Letter junior 20.7.20.pdf
Size : 454.051 Kb
Type : pdf
Keeping children safe from abuse & harm.pdf Keeping children safe from abuse & harm.pdf
Size : 3186.108 Kb
Type : pdf
MAP.pdf MAP.pdf
Size : 92.917 Kb
Type : pdf
Letter Encompass 2017.pdf Letter Encompass 2017.pdf
Size : 205.42 Kb
Type : pdf

School Meals 

AUTUMN MENU 2020.pdf AUTUMN MENU 2020.pdf
Size : 708.157 Kb
Type : pdf
Birthday Lunch letter2.pdf Birthday Lunch letter2.pdf
Size : 213.536 Kb
Type : pdf

School Forms 

OVJS-Absence request form.pdf OVJS-Absence request form.pdf
Size : 514.99 Kb
Type : pdf
OVJS Administration of Medicines Form.pdf OVJS Administration of Medicines Form.pdf
Size : 198.687 Kb
Type : pdf
OVJS Asthma Form.pdf OVJS Asthma Form.pdf
Size : 288.146 Kb
Type : pdf
Performance Updates
Moving Forward-StandardsUpdate.pdf Moving Forward-StandardsUpdate.pdf
Size : 2966.491 Kb
Type : pdf
Letter Ofsted 2016.pdf Letter Ofsted 2016.pdf
Size : 233.834 Kb
Type : pdf