Once again parents, relatives and friends joined us for our annual Christingle service, which was held at St. Margaret's Church, Ormesby . The children and choir sang a selection of Christmas Carols to a full congregation. It was lovely to see so many children with their Christingle Candles filled with coins, which supports the Children's Society.
The Inn-Spectors

This Year's 3/4 play, The Inn-Spectors, was a resounding success.  Well done to all the performers, directors and producers - alias Mrs Angel, Mrs Holt and Mrs Gooch.

We mustn't forget the staff that helped with the props and came back in the evening.

Finally, thank you to the parents for the fantastic costumes and for supporting the children.

Christmas Music Concert 2019
Once again the children danced, sang and played musical instruments to a packed audience of family and friends.

Thank you to Mrs White-Joubert, Miss Doran and all the children who have put in so much hard work learning their dance routines and songs over the last few weeks.

St. Georges Dance Festival - 2019

On Tuesday 26th November 31 children from year 3 and 4 performed in Winter Wonderland at St George‚Äôs Theatre, Great Yarmouth as part of the Premier Arts Showcase.   In total, 8 local schools took part, each one performing a different Christmas themed number with a finale performed by the whole ensemble.   An afternoon of rehearsals was followed by two evening performances to packed houses.  

As you can see from the photos everyone looked very Christmassy and had a lot of fun.

                                  HARVEST FESTIVAL - 2019

Unfortunately because of the rain, we were unable to walk to the church for our annual Harvest festival - so we held the festival in our school hall. 

Parents and carers joined the pupils in the service - singing hymns and listening to the choir perform. 

Children donated  a selection of tins and packets of food which will be donated to the Salvation Army.

We would like to thank you for remembering those less fortunate than ourselves and we are sure the Salvation Army will receive your kind gifts with open arms.

A heartfelt thank you again.