Kentwell Hall - 2019

As Yrs. 5/6 project for the Autumn Term is learning about The Tudors, a trip was organised to Kentwell Hall - Pupils dressed up for the day and re-enacted a day in the life of a Tudor.

They went back in time to 1588 - walking through the Time Tunnel into the grounds of the Hall. 

Before going through the gates they had to encounter the Gate Keepers and show a pass to walk in to the gardens. 

On entering The Great Kitchen they were shown ingredients used to cook meals, which were later served by the pupils in the Great Hall. 

Young ladies in the Dairy told pupils what long days they worked and explained how cheese was made, while men in the bakery kneaded and proved the bread rolls.  

Walking from room to room they looked and listened to various musical instruments being played -  ladies singing and dancing before finally being shown The Brew House. 

A full and tiring day was enjoyed by all.

Horstead Residential Trip - 2019

Year 5/6

An excited group of Yrs. 5/6 children travelled to Horstead for a residential activity trip.

Over the 3 days, the children took part in many activities including: crate stacking, cooking, canoeing, zooming down the zip wire and raft building.  A brilliant time was had by all, including all the staff, and some very tired children returned home on Wednesday.

 Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths 

Year 5 had an amazing S.T.E.M. day at Acle Academy.  The theme was Cluedo and all pupils had to solve a series of clues from evidence left at the scene.  These included: analysing footprints, blood types and solving a coded message.
By the end of the day the mystery had been solved and Miss Scarlet's jewels had been returned.
Thank you to everyone who organised the trip.