The School Day           

 The morning session starts at 9.00am and ends at 12.30pm  (10 minutes before the start of the day is soon enough for children to arrive and that is when adult supervision begins)

Lunch break is from 12.30 to 1.30pm

The afternoon session starts at 1.30pm and ends at 3.30pm

Excluding playtime and collective worship, teaching time is 23.75 hours per week for all year groups.



 The classroom doors open at 8.50am and close at 9.00am when registration takes place. Registration for the afternoon session is at 1.25pm. If your children arrive after 9.00am they will be marked as ‘late’ and this shows up on half-termly individual attendance records.


 Arrival, Access and Safety              

 A pedestrian gate provides safe entry to the school for children and parents. Please do not use the main gates, as buses, delivery vehicles and staff cars use these. It is not safe for children to access the school that way. Parents are welcome to walk down the pathway and wait with their children on the rear playground at the start of the day and similarly to wait for them to leave their classes when school finishes. The pedestrian gate will be unlocked just before the school day ends. Teachers come out with their classes at the end of the day and this is often a good time to speak to your child’s teacher if you have any messages or concerns.


SAFETY is very important at arrival and departure times – please keep young children with you and under close supervision at all times.  Please remind your child to use the crossing patrol for safety reasons.


 We ask parents and children not to cycle, roller skate or scooter in school grounds. We also ask parents not to park in the school grounds at the start or end of the day, as space is very limited. Please park with consideration near the school if you need to bring your children to school by car - do not block the driveways of local residents, mount pavements or park where visibility for children and parents crossing roads is impaired. We are happy to issue parking permits for disabled parents/carers – please ask at the school office. We also ask parents not to bring dogs on to school grounds


Cycling to School  

 The school asks that children have written parental permission to cycle to school. Children who do cycle to school must wear a safety helmet and bikes should conform to all legal requirements and safety regulations. We will try to ensure that cycles are not tampered with, but we cannot accept responsibility for damage to cycles left on school property. 


 School Transport             

 Children who live more than three miles from their designated school are eligible for free transport to and from school.

 At present, eligible children living in the Mautby and Runham area and from  Scratby and California, travel on a contract coach.

 The responsibility for school transport lies with Norfolk LA and not the school.  A copy of the current Education Transport Policy is available to view at the school.

 If you have any questions about your child's entitlement to school transport please contact:

Passenger Transport Unit Customer Services Team

County Hall, Martineau Lane, Norwich. NR1 2DL.   

Telephone 0844 800 8003


We have worked very hard to achieve the Healthy Schools Standard. Children are encouraged to bring a named plastic water bottle to school so they can have access to water throughout the day. A cold, filtered water supply is available in the school hall, from which children may refill bottles as necessary. Children may bring in a healthy snack from home to eat at break time if they wish. This should be fruit, raw vegetables or raisins or plain biscuits. They should not bring sweets or chocolate biscuits.


Lunch Time: - 12.30 – 1.25pm

Children may stay for a school meal, bring a packed lunch or go home for lunch. As there is no crossing patrol at lunch times, we ask that you collect your child from the office at 12.30pm returning by 1.15pm and checking back in to the office so that we know which children are on the premises.


School Meals and Healthy Eating

Children may have a hot cooked meal, a filled jacket potato or a packed lunch, prepared in the on-site school kitchen. Alternatively, they can bring a packed lunch from home. We ask that all money for school lunches is brought in on a Monday morning in an envelope marked with the child’s name, class and the days of the week when a school packed lunch or hot meal is required.